Your Dynamic Textile Manufacturer & Supplier

Demoteks has developed its muscles in textile business
to become your trusted supply chain partner in
corporate, medical, accomodation and public service product groups. 

Dedicated Manufacturing

Our modern manufacturing plants combine technological versality with traditional craftmanship culture of Anatolia.
Our production model, dedicated manufacturing, puts these assets into your disposal.

Agility in Trade Services

In todays dynamic environment, being a leading manufacturer is not the cure for customer satisfaction.
We have set up a professional department within Demoteks
to take care of international trade services.

Some Best Logistics

We work with some best logistic companies nationally and internationally to deliver goods to your door. Combining dedicated manufacturing, agility in trade services and best logistics we are drastically cutting time and costs in your supply chain.


Since its foundation in 2007 Demoteks has outcompeted its many rivals in the market and succeeded to become one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers nationally. Employing cutting edge technology, building trust, investing heavily in human resources Demoteks now turns its focus to serve international markets. 

We are serving 80% of public and university hospitals in Turkey and developed numerous happy clients. We already gained access to international clients rapidly in some of the most dynamic markets worldwide such as Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Germany, France, Russia, Latin America, USA, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Sudan, Libya, Africa, Iraq, Jordan, Romania, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

Supply chain partnership is a challenging business, and it requires many skills and perseverance other than manufacturing competence. We offer you to explore our operations and standards. 

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